Download AppEx LotServer for Linux

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Download LotCheck -- a server infomation collection tool
  • Click the button on the right to download LotCheck
  • 1. Copy downloaded file to your server.
  • 2. Uncompress it: tar xzvf lotCheck.tar.gz DO NOT uncompress in Windows
  • 3. Run: bash Note that this program requires root privileges
  • LotCheck will display the server information, such as the serial number, Linux distribution and kernel versions, architecture, etc.
Download LotServer
  • Fill in the required information about your server configurations. Then click the download link to the right to get LotServer.
  • Your server is currently not supported? Let us know about your server.
Serial number
Linux OS
Linux version
Kernel version
Install LotServer
  • 1. Copy the downloaded file onto your server.
  • 2. Uncompress it: tar xzvf lotServer_.tar.gz
  • 3. Assign executable permission to chmod +x
  • 3. Change into the uncompressed dir, and run: bash Note that this program requires root privileges.
  • 4. Enter the network interface to be accelerated and its bandwidth following the prompt.
  • 5. Choose whether to load LotServer on system start-up.
  • 6. Choose whether to start LotServer immediately.
  • Any problems? Click here.